Lavigna vous souhaite de bonnes vacances…


« At times I have the impression that there is two worlds on this planet. One is called France and the other one is called the rest. There is the typical kind of screenprinting with multiple layers in bright colors that is so typically French and there is the French underground music scene that is just so weird. Lavigna is a prime example for what I mean.

When they told me this tape was like a mix of weird folk and death metal I thought they didn’t mean it literally. But obviously they did. Multiple layers of flutes in complete disharmony. Not really in tune acoustic guitars. Nasal, ethereal singing mixed with grunts. Not quite the kind of music you hear on the radio… But it’s good. It has a certain groove to it and it sure is unique as fuck.

The person behind Lavigna is working as a roadmender or something in Marseille and recorded this oeuvre on his holidays near Paris. If the music reflects what he experienced there it must be a strange neighborhood for sure… »

Lavigna – ’93 La Voie Lamarque’ tape