Vous trouverez dans cette section les imports et les rééditions. Ces disques sont pour la plupart commandés auprès de Mississippi Records à Portland et Chicago.

Précision pour les distros : je ne fais pas d’échanges avec ces disques, et ne peux pas faire de prix de gros.

DEAD MOON – Livre + 2xLP – 100 euros

  • Ultra deluxe 12.5 × 12.5 die-cut faux-leather and cloth book binding
  • 300 pages, full color with TONS of unseen photos and ephemera
  • 2xLP contains Dead Moon greatest hits collection completely remastered from the original tapes


DEAD MOON – Crack in the system – LP – 1994 – 12 euros (STREAM)

 A true Dead Moon classic.  One of their most beloved LP’s.  Features the mega hit ‘It’s Okay’ along with other classics like Day After Day,
Cast Will Change, Unknown Passage, and the best version of TImes They Are Changin’ ever recorded!  All hits, no misses on this one.
Timeless.  Lovingly remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

MRP-041 Dead Moon-Strange Prey TellMRP-041 Dead Moon – Strange Pray Tell LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

One of Dead Moons all time classics, filled with some of their catchiest & most rousing songs.  Rockers of the highest caliber such as ‘Destination X’, ‘Fire in the Western World’ & ‘Don’t look back’ as well as perfect ballads such as ‘You can’t do that’ & ‘Out in the blues’.  An utter masterpiece of psychedelic rock straight from the heart. The most requested Dead Moon LP by Mississippi Records store customers!

tsegue  Emahoy Tsegue – Mariam Guebru – S/T – LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

      At last!  The second LP in our ongoing series of releases from Mariam – Tsege Gebru! More 1960’s recordings of her truly unique solo piano performances.  Mariam – Tsege Gebru is a true original – her playing is somewhere between Erik Satie, Debussy, liturgical music of the Coptic Ethiopian Church, and Ethiopian traditional music.  It is some of the most moving piano music you will ever hear!  All original compositions available for the first time on vinyl beyond the original early 1960’s editions, which are completely impossible to find.  Old school « tip on » cover with gold foil printing.  A must have master piece for anyone who needs some spiritual comfort.

Kesarbia Kerkar-S/T LP 12 euros (audio)

One of the greatest Indian classical vocalists of all time. KEARBIA KERKAR rose up from the bottom of the caste system in India to become one of the countries most respected vocalists. These recordings from 1947 – 1953 are beautiful ragas not to be missed. First LP issue of her material to be available in the US. A real treasure for fans of our Abdul Karim Khan & Pandit Prannath releases. Beautiful detailed liner notes by IAN NAGOSKI complete with photographs & sacred Tantra art. Old school « tip on » cover.


DOCTEUR NICO – Dieu de la guitare – 2xLP – 25 euros (STREAM)

The Congo has given us many excellent guitar players, but only one of them earned the nickname ‘Dieu de la Guitare’. With this new compilation, made in collaboration with Ignace Mukendi (Comite de gestion des œuvres musicales de Docteur Nico) and the children of Docteur Nico, Planet Ilunga recalls the life and musical career of the legendary Congolese guitar player and band leader Docteur Nico

Nicolas Kasanda wa Mikalayi stood for over 20 years at the forefront of Congolese rumba. Backed through his whole career by his older brother Dechaud, Nico introduced numerous innovations to Congolese rumba such as a remarkable take on Dominican merengue, the use of the Hawaiian guitar, the introduction of new rhythms and dances such as the kiri-kiri and kono, and especially the shimmering, electrified modern versions of traditional tunes from his native Kasai.

Thirty-three years after his death, we remember him as the most gifted guitar soloist of Congo. In this anthology we present an original selection of 26 exquisite songs, made between 1954 and 1970 with the groups African Jazz, Rock-a-Mambo, African Jazz Aile Nico, African Fiesta and African Fiesta Sukisa, many of them reproduced for the first time and mostly taken from the original 78 rpm or 45 rpm shellac/vinyl.

DEAD MOON – Trash & Burn – LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

MICHAEL HURLEY – Blue Hills – LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

Idrissa Soumaoro – Ampsa – LP – 12 euros (EXTRAIT)
    A classic and seldom heard LP from Bamako!  Not just your average Malian LP, Ampsa features has to be heard to be believed organ, hypnotic guitar and amazing sweet vocals. A truly great LP and must have for fans of Malian music. A faithful reproduction of the original with the addition of liner notes by Florent Mazzoleni.  A co release with Singasongfighter.

kleenexKleenex/Liliput – First Songs – 2xLP – 20 euros (STREAM)

Legendary Swiss punk band from the late 70s. “You can’t dispute Liliput’s status as pioneers of feminist art-punk. Along with fellow travelers like the Slits and the Raincoats, this (mostly) female Swiss group took advantage of punk’s anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop that was both in step with the times and completely singular. The early material is a riot of exuberant energy, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang of Four and Wire— propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars— and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccupped in three languages and made-up dadaistic slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh.” – Lisa Gidley.

First Songs is a double gatefold LP that combines all the pre-1982 material, all 3 Kleenex singles, the first 2 Liliput 7″’s and all the originally unreleased material prior to Liliput’s debut LP.  Liner notes by Greil Marcus. 

V/A – I Believe I’ll Go Back Home LP – 12 euros

   A sequel (of sorts) to the « I Don’t Feel At Home In this World Anymore » compilation.  Features the stone cold beautiful African guitar playing and singing of Sabelo and G. Wayawaya, the intense Native American country music of Jenks « Tex » Carman, the great Tex Mex of Lydia Mendoza, the heavy hypnotic Cajun sounds of Amede Ardion and Dennis McGee, the shimmeringly beautiful singing and playing of the Genial Hawaiians, the deep deep deep Rembetika of Marika Papagika, the soulful gospel of Blind Willie Davis, the sacred Indian sounds of T.R Mahalingham and Khansahib Abdul Karim Khan, the early Jewish mysticism of Max Leibowitz, the dark Cuban rumbles of Sexteto Bologna and much more.  Here we have a diverse cross section of the worlds music – a unifying sound during divisive times.  Old school « tip on » cover.  

MRP-067 Ghost Woman Blues

MRP – 067 V/A – Ghost Woman Blues LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

Compilation of absolutely must have country blues.  A mix of well known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians.  Highlights include Bukka White’s elemental « Fixin’ to die », Lottie Kimbroughs’ seldom heard « Don’t Speak To Me », George Carters’ haunting « Ghost Woman Blues », Willie Browns’ existential « Future Blues », Monroe Moe Jackson’s wild « Go Away From My Door » and many more hits. The real stuff and some of Mississippi Records all time favorite tunes.


SPACE LADY – Greatest Hits LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

    The Space Lady began her odyssey on the streets of San Francisco in the late 70s, playing versions of contemporary pop music on accordion and dressed flamboyantly, transmitting messages of peace and harmony. Following the theft of her accordion, The Space Lady invested in a then-new Casio keyboard, birthing an otherworldly new dimension to popular song that has captured the imagination of the world. Of her early street sets, only one recording was made, self-released originally on cassette and then transferred to a home-made CD. « The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits » features the best of these recordings – mostly covers but with some originals and features archival photographs and liner notes from The Space Lady herself. “Greatest Hits” contains The Space Lady’s personal favourites; her haunting take on The Electric Prunes’ “I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night),” a frantic “Ballroom Blitz” amidst other reconstructed pop music. Included are also 4 originals that easily match for the Pop canon. Old School « tip on » cover and fold out liners with poster for framing on one side and notes on the other.  Limited edition of 1,000 copies

gessesseTalahun Gessesse – Sima! – 14 euros (STREAM)

     Great songs form one of Ethiopia’s most beloved singers – Talhoun Gessesse (English spelling varies). These recordings span from 1969 to 1975 and cover the range of Talhoun’s styles and moods.  Some mystical modal songs, some straight up rockers, and some ballads.  All totally killer songs from the golden age of Ethiopian Soul Music.  Talhoun’s voice, alongside Mahmoud Ahmed’s, is one of the strongest in the land.  Don’t miss out on this monstrously good LP.

dead moon - unknown passageMR-090 Dead Moon – Unknown Passage LP – 12 euros (EXTRAIT)

Dead Moon’s 2nd LP.  Great pop ballads sit side by side with heavy rock songs. A hit laden record featuring classics such as « Dead Moon Night », « A Miss Of You », « 54/40 or Fight », « Time Has Come Today », « Demona », & « On My Own ».  Originally released in 1989, easily one of the top 4 rock records of all time. Remastered from the original tapes.

tsegeMRP-025 Tsege Mariam Gebru – Spielt Eigene Komposition LP – 13 euros (EXTRAIT)

A most unusual & stunning album.  Tsege Mariam Gebru is an Ethiopian nun who has dedicated her life to helping others.  She has been composing & playing music on the piano since the 1960’s.  Her music is a unique mix of Western classcial music in the vein of Erik Satie, Ethiopian music & Religious Christian meditation music.  On this reissue of her first LP, originally released in Germany in a very small pressing, we find Tsege Mariam Gebru playing her own compositions solo on piano.  She plays with restrained grace & purity.  The record invites repeated listening well &  is filled with spiritual warmth.  We are very proud to present this LP – culled from the monumental Ethiopiques CD series.


Eureka Brass Band – Dirges LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

     Recorded in a New Orleans alley on a Sunday afternoon in 1951. This is a truly unique field recording of a Jazz band playing dirges intended as a soundtrack to the parade to the graveyard during a traditional New Orleans funeral.  It’s beautiful mesmerizing music and about as deep as it gets.  The Eureka Brass band played hundreds of funerals  – dirges to the graveyard and raucous joyous sounds on the way out.  Here we have just the dirges. Some of the finest trombone, trumpet, sousaphone, clarinet, sax and drumming you’re likely to ever hear.  Songs include Fallen Hero, West Lawn Dirge, Garland of Flowers and Eternity.  A co-release with Singasong Fighter records.

DEAD MOON – In the Graveyard LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

   Reissued Again! Dead Moons first record!  Originally released in 1988.  Dead Moon were a band that existed outside of the constraints that time & style usually impose on artists.  An authentic mix of psychedelic rock, punk, blues, country, & every other American music worth a damn.  This LP features all time classics such as « Graveyard » ( A 13th Floor Elevators type vibrating psychedelic song), « Don’t Burn The Fires » & « I Hate The Blues ».  Lo – fi as hell.  Remastered from the original tapes.  We are very proud to make this LP available on vinyl once more. Available directly to stores only.

  GASPER NALI – Zoona Malawi LP – 16 euros (STREAM)

   Who better to describe Gasper’s record than the man himself, so – here tis-
    « I am Gasper Nali. I live in Nkhata-Bay but I was born in Mzimba, a town close to Nkhata-Bay. I started singing and performing in 1997 with my two brothers who passed away in 2002.
    After they passed away I started on my own as a soloist. After singing for a long time I decided to make my own guitar with one wire string called the Babatoni. I just came up with the idea from nowhere. I made the instrument and started practising my songs. Nobody taught me how to play the instrument, I taught myself everything from making it to making music with it. I like the Babatoni because it does not need electricity to play with, so I can bring it everywhere with me and play it without plugging it to electricity.
    I use cow skin for making the cover of the body, and took part of the blue-gum tree to form the fretboard and the neck of the guitar, and I use car tire wire to make the string. I also play a self-made local bass drum with a self-made pedal, together with the Babatoni. »
    Limited one time edition of 500 copies.  Beautiful silk screened covers.  


Poison Idea – Feel The Darkness double LP – 22 euros
    Poison Idea’s 1990 classic Feel The Darkness album has been remixed and remastered and is now available on a 2 LP Set which also includes singles, B-sides, some choice covers, and outtakes. The classic lineup of Jerry A, Pig Champion, Myrtle Tickner, Mondo and Thee Slayer Hippy.  Beautiful cover with silver foil and liner notes. DELUXE Limited edition. 


      V/A – Buried Country LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

   Compilation of Aboriginal Australian country music.  When we say country, it is a broader category than you might imagine.  This LP contains all kinds of sounds. The cosmic organ driven dream song of Black Allan Barker, the droney intensely political Glararrwuy Yunupingu,the straight up rocking Warumpi Band, the ballad singing of Maisie Kelly, the down home pop of Bobby McLeod and much much more.  A diverse cross section of Aboriginal « country« .  All of this material has never been reissued on vinyl before. Political and powerful songs from communities throughout Australia.  This is a truly unique LP. Comes with extensive 36 PAGE liner notes and photos.  A co-release with our friends Flipping Yeah Records.  


Eddie and Ernie – Time Waits For No One LP – 14 euros (STREAM)
   The first ever vinyl LP compilation of songs by the great Eddie and Ernie!  The duo produced tons of great singles throughout the 60’s and early 70’s.  This LP features a couple dance numbers, but mostly slow dramatic soul ballads reminiscent of the best moments of more well known acts like Sam and Dave and Otis Redding.  Some pretty eerie soaring vocals and existential lyrics of the highest order.  Under appreciated in their time, Eddie and Ernie are two of soul musics greatest talents!  Old school « tip on » record cover and classy black inner sleeve.  One time limited pressing.  


V/A – Looking Back LP – 14 euros

   Compilation of Sam Cooke’s great production work for his independent SAR label.  
  SAR Records was founded by Sam Cooke and JW Alexander in 1959 and closed in 1965, shortly after Sam passing away.. Nobody knows knows what « SAR » stood for.  Sam kept that secret and died with it.  (Maybe it was « Sam and Alex Records »?). They had one employee – Zelda Samuels. She wrote songs, handled all publishing and distribution and ran the office more or less solo.  
   Their office was just two desks and a piano in a tiny room.  SAR records was the kind of small family affair that Stax was in it’s early years and Motown pretended to be. The label produced both Gospel and secular recordings, all with the odd distinction of sounding almost like Sam Cooke.  
   SAR co-founder J.W. Alexander explains:the goals of the label as such –  “We wanted to give young black artists the benefit of as good a production as they could get with a major company. We used the top studios. We didn’t short-cut. We never thought of it as a training ground. We thought of it as an opportunity to contribute something back to the community.”
   This compilation features Gospel side by side with soul and R&B songs.  Classics by RH Harris, the Simms Twins, The Womack Brothers, The Valentinos, The Soul Stirrers and more.  Old school « tip on » cover and a classy black inner sleeve. One time limited pressing.  

V/A – Original recordings Of the 30’s and 40’s – The Golden Clarinets Of Yesterday LP – 12 euros

     Here’s an utterly unique score.  In 1978 Dhafni records pressed 500 copies of this LP. It was the first ever LP compilation of Greek 78’s. The LP was never distributed widely- only really showing up at local shops in the labels home town – Missoula, Montana.  Mississippi has managed to acquire stock copies, sealed, all the way from 1978!  And here’s the great news – it »s a very good LP!  Filled with classic Greek mystical clarinet performances.  Highly recommended. Limited stock, so don’t hesitate.


V/A – Original Recordings Of the 30’s & 40’s, The Songs Of Yesterday LP – 12 euros

   Here’s an utterly unique score.  In 1978 Dhafni records pressed 500 copies of this LP. It was the first ever LP compilation of Greek 78’s. The LP was never distributed widely- only really showing up at local shops in the labels home town – Missoula, Montana.  Mississippi has managed to acquire stock copies, sealed, all the way from 1978!  And here’s the great news – it »s a very good LP!  Filled with classic Greek Rembetica and folk music.  Highly recommended. Limited stock, so don’t hesitate.

V/A – Alabama / There’s A New Day Coming 12″ – 12 euros

    A true oddity – Side A features John Coltrane’s meditation on the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing on September 15, 1963, an attack by the Ku Klux Klan in Birmingham, Alabama that killed four African-American girls.  The song is repeated for 19 minutes, with the « jazz section » removed. This creates a hypnotic effect.  Not for the faint of heart.
   Side B features a beautiful and politically timely acapella Gospel song.  


 Casual Hex-Zig Zag Lady Illusion LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

Casual Hex is a three-piece formed in Seattle, WA, in 2015. Drawing influence from a variety of genres (post-punk, no-wave, noise rock), The band relies on the contrast of heavy, catchy, minimal, and dissonant. It’s difficult to draw a direct lineage, but flashes of PYLON, THE CONTORTIONS or early SONIC YOUTH come to mind. Erica’s voice is a commanding narration, stern in delivery. Lyrical content is heady and cryptic, encouraging the listener to question human behavior and inspire positive change. Clocking in at 21 minutes, Zig Zag Lady Illusion is as much of a full length as you’re gonna get with most songs not even hitting the 2 minute mark. This is Casual Hex’s debut on Water Wing and their first effort to be pressed on vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.


The Space Lady – On The Street OF Dreams LP – 13 euros (STREAM)
   Brand new record by the legendary Space lady!  The Space Lady started thrilling audiences as a street performer in the late 60’s.  She honed her craft through the years, creating her own completely unique style of pop music.  She plays a casio keyboard with liberal amounts of echo and space effects and sings with as heavenly and sincere a voice as you will ever hear.
   This is the Space Lady’s master stroke LP – a survey of some of the songs that have served her great live over the years.  Includes an amazing cover of William DeVaughn’s « Be Thankful For What You Got » (that Gangsta lean song) that is sure to be the low rider hit of the summer.
   The Space Lady is a true artist. If you listen with open ears, you will come out a better person for knowing her.  

V/A – Divine Horsemen LP – 16 euros (STREAM)

     Maya Deren journeyed to Haiti to make a film of ritual dances, instead, she came to be accepted as a Voudoun initiate, whose devotees commune with the cosmic powers through invocation, offerings, song and dance of the Voudoun pantheon of deities, or Loa, whom are witnessed as being living gods and goddesses, actually taking possession of their devotees. Deren describes the relationship between magic, science and religion bringing a uniquely lyrical voice to her narrative. This paints a multi-textured, infinitely complex portrait of a spiritual tradition with roots stretching back to the very dawn of humanity. Joseph Campbell calls Divine Horsemen “the most illuminating introduction that has yet been rendered to the whole marvel of the Haitian mysteries as ‘facts of the mind.’” Included in this album are some of the first recordings ever made during religious ceremonies near Croix de Missions and Petionville featuring selections that serve as a soundtrack to the film she shot documenting Voodoo ceremonies and festivals conveying the incantatory power of the ritual drumming and singing. One can hear the sounds of nature while processions begin across the landscape further giving the effect of an audio memoir.
  For the first time in almost 40 years, this long out-of-print cult classic is now available in a limited edition featuring a beautiful screen printed cover by Grant Corum, risograph insert with liner notes, original cover art by Teiji Ito and mastered for the first time by Timothy Stollenwerk.


Randy And The Randie’s – S/T LP – 16 euros (STREAM)
      RANDY AND THE RANDIES, a garage punk band was originally formed in late 1979. They are of the Portland music lineage traced back through Jennifer to FORMICA AND THE BITCHES and the Neo Boys, becoming the strange little brother band to these more famous UNDERGROUND greats.They were privileged to be a part of the early PORTLAND DIY scene, and helped redefine what it meant to be in a band. With instruments provided by FRED & TOODY COLE, the same way many emerging outfits got their start, the band was off and running. Included in Mark Sten’s book, ALL AGES: THE RISE AND FALL OF PORTLAND PUNK ROCK, 1977-1981; the band’s original cassettes and 8-track recordings were recently remastered by MIKE LASTRA. And, in 2015, Jennifer Lobianco, along with her former band, Neo Boys, were inducted into the OREGON MUSIC HALL OF FAME.
The album was pressed locally at CASCADE RECORD PRESSING in a limited edition: 400 black vinyl, and 100 numbered-white vinyl. 


POISON IDEA-Latest Will and Testament LP – 13 euros

The much overlooked « Latest Will and Testament » LP/CD Reissued/Remastered and Remixed. This 10yr anniversary reissue is the last Poison Idea album that Tom « Pig Champion » Roberts played on before his untimely passing. This collection of songs fit right in-between « Kings Of Punk » and « War All The Time ». First time this album has been officially had a domestic release. Don’t buy the much bootlegged european version. This is how the original pressing should have sounded! 


Poison Idea – Darby Crash Rides Again LP – 13 euros
    This is a record of the demo tape that started it all. MRR and Pushead championed this as the best there was, when it came out. Extreme. Poison Idea’s first demo that was pressed onto an out-of-print single with added KBOO radio broadcasts and assorted live recordings. Full length Blue vinyl


Poison Idea – Legacy Of Disfunction Soundtrack LP – 13 euros
     You’ve seen the movie! Now here’s the soundtrack! ‘Legacy of Dysfunction’ is a ride on the carousel to oblivion, as we time travel back and forth through over 35 years of Poison Idea’s rip-snortin’, high volume arsenal of hardcore classics (chronological song order, be damned!) All the hits are here. Tunes such as “Plastic Bomb” (Jerry A’s Eastern-bloc stomp with that howling chorus), “Just To Get Away” and “Made To Be Broken” are on this record. ‘Legacy of Dysfunction’ also includes, never before heard, live and studio tracks. The live recordings are incredibly raw sounding (the opening track “Laughing Boy” is relentless), not unlike many of the live Stooges bootlegs released over the years on labels like Bomp! and Skydog. The unheard song ‘Names and Numbers’ is killer, plus bonuses such as the long out-of-print cover of the Wipers “Up Front” and excerpts of dialogue from the film, let you relive the experience again and again. Available on Vinyl



100 Years, 100 Songs – An Alan Lomax Centennial Tribute – 6 LP Box Set – 90 euros

    Mississippi Records is proud to present a 6 LP box set featuring 100 of Alan Lomax’s finest field recordings.  Previously unreleased tracks by  Bob Dylan, Bascom Lamar Lunsford, Southern Drum and Fife Corps, Bill Broonzy, Rosa Lee Hill, Dennis McGee, Jean Ritchie, Shirley Collins, Bukka White, Vera Ward Hall, The Georgia Sea Island Singers, Son House and many more.  55 unreleased tracks in all on this set!  Also features hard to find tracks by Skip James. Fred McDowell, Almeda Riddle, Duke of Iron, Jeannie Robertson, Bessie Jones, Texas Gladden, and more.
   This set was lovingly compiled by Nathan Salsburg from the Alan Lomax archive’s deep well of material. Only top notch recordings.  Set features –
– 6 LP’s in their own record sleeves highlighting beautiful photography from the Lomax Archive
– Remastered audio by Timothy Stollenwerk
– A 24 page booklet with many photos, an essay by Alan Lomax, a chronology of all of Lomax’s field recording trips, and liner notes by Nathan Salsburg.
– A heavy duty standard « candy box » style outer box.
   Limited one time edition of 1,000 copies.  Bound to go out of print soon, don’t sleep on this one!

mrp082-blind-owl-wilsonBlind Owl Wilson – S/T LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

Blind Owl Wilson was a truly great guitarist and vocalist who’s deep well of psychedelic blues songs were buried amongst the catalog of major label rockin’ blues band Canned Heat.  Blind Owl served as Canned Heat’s guitarist and would chip in a song here and there as a front man.  A couple of those songs became huge hits in the 60’s – « Going Up The Country » and « On The Road Again ». Blind Owl’s songs for Canned Heat stood in stark contrast to the bands blustery blues rock – his was a gentle and nuanced voice and the themes of his song were all about personal heartbreak, grasping for cosmic understanding, and ecological justice.  Here we have an LP of Blind Owl’s songs from Canned Heat’s records – left to sit alone and take you somewhere unexpected.  Blind Owl’s personal vision quest can be heard throughout these songs.  « Poor Moon’ tells the tale of Alan’s heartbreak as he watches the moon being misguidedly bombed by man, ‘My time ain’t long’ confronts death, « Parthenogen in 3 Blind Owls’ and ‘Parthenogen Childs End’  take you to the psychedelic limits, and oh yes, we have the hit tunes on here too.  Co-release with Sutro Park records.  A true psychedelic masterpiece!

Chrissy Zebby Tembo & Ngozi Family – My Ancestors LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

Reissued many times before – this version has great remastered sound quality & a reasonable price tag! A truly incredible psychedelic African rock n’ roll record.  Blown out guitars, Black Sabbathesque heavy rhythms, garage rock sincere vocals.  It’s all here.  One of the greatest rock records you may ever hear.  One time small pressing not to be missed.   Old school « tip on » cover.


Abner Jay – True Story of Abner Jay LP – 14 euros (STREAM)
     A classic!  Abner Jay was a one man band with a style completely onto himself. His music harkens back to the sounds of the 1800’s (pre blues) but somehow sounds wholly modern at the same time.  Abner plays drums with his feet, electric banjo and harmonica and sings with one of the richest baritone voices you’ll ever hear, all at the same time.  This LP features the creme de la creme of Abners’ self released music from the 60’s and 70’s – hits like « I’m so depressed », « Vietnam », « St. James Infirmary, and « The Reason Young People do drugs. »  One of Mississippi Records absolute best titles hands down – back in print and available direct to stores only. « Tip on » cover and comes with 4 inserts – two informative pamphlets penned by Abner, Abner’s life story and a transcription of his jokes and banter.  Improved sound quality and cover clarity too!

Y PANTS – LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

    « Y PANTS was a three-woman New York band: BARBARA ESS, ViRGiNIA (VERGE) PIERSOL and GAIL VACHONS, all visual artists. They played in clubs, galleries and performance spaces between 1979 and 1982. They were “as idiosyncratic, edgy, minimal, wry and literate as post-punk no wave got. Furthermore, the fact that these were three ferocious and formidable females was not to be overlooked.”—Wolfgang Staehle,  
     Gail found a toy piano on the street and started jamming with Barbara on the ukulele. When they were invited to play a few weeks later at TR3 (the short-lived but influential downtown NY music club), they electrified their instruments and recruited the neophyte drummer Verge for percussion on a children’s drum set. Their first gig met with an unexpected wildly enthusiastic reception. The instrumentation was then rounded out with Barbara’s bass (former bands Daily Life and The Static), an African thumb drum, and a Casio keyboard for Gail. Verge’s initial Mickey Mouse toy kit soon fell apart and she cobbled together a modest trap set. They gained a following and soon recorded a four song EP produced by Glenn Branca for 99 Records. They often shared the stage with label mates the Bush Tetras, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Branca and other NYC “downtown” bands. This release includes their four-song debut EP and two songs never before available on vinyl: Magnetic Attraction (previously released on Tellus Audio Cassette), and the mysterious Kung Fu. In a NY Times review, John Rockwell wrote”…what really makes Y Pants a success is the actual sound of the instrumentals—raw and driving yet exotic and imaginative in terms of timbre and minimalist structure.”


  Y PANTS – Beat it Down – LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

      After the success of their debut EP, post-punk art rockers Y PANTS performed regularly in NYC and other East Coast venues. In 1981 they toured Europe for six weeks and upon return went into the studio to record their only LP, Beat It Down, released in 1982 on Neutral Records (Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca et al). The album extends the band’s signature pared down rollicking minimalism. The 10 songs are varied, using surprising and inventive instrumentation. The music is at once filled with a sense of longing and a fierce ironic rebellion. With exuberant precision they brandish their “toy” instruments and plaintive vocals in emotive expressions of female resistance.  In dustedmagazine.com, Seth Watter wrote of the album, “I love the sprightly keyboards of ‘The Fly,’ the gentle lyricism of ‘Lulu,’ the anger of ‘Beat It Down’ that comes through in the music’s shambling, atonal jangle. The songs covered a huge range of emotions with an entirely new syntax.”


V/A – I Woke Up One Morning In May LP – 12 euros
      A Mississippi Records blues compilation from way back when.  Made up of all time great 78’s from the late 1920’s and early 1930’s.  Some heavy duty tunes such as Sam Collins’ « Lonesome Road », The Kansas City Butterball Lottie Kimbrough’s « Lost Lover Blues », Buster Johnson’s « Undertaker Blues », Blind Blakes’ « Rope Stretchin Blues », Elvie Thomas’s « Motherless Child Blues » and many more.  All killer, no filler. 

anxiouscolorV/A – Anxious Color LP – 12 euros

  Amazing compilation of basement and garage dwelling stranger than fiction psych rock recorded between 1966 and 1967.  The real underground sound of the 1960’s as you’ve probably never heard it before.  People making music by their own rules and influenced more by the spirit realm and the heavy weight of being alive than the pedestrian drug experiences that informed much of the 60’s popular music. A bit dark and a bit intense and a bit lo-fi but such is life.  Trust us when we say this one is essential. .

Marisa Anderson – Traditional and Public Domain Songs LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

    Originally released on Grapefruit records in a idiotically limited edition, reissued here with new tracks.  Marisa Anderson continues her streak of amazing solo guitar LP’s.  On first glance of the track listing you may feel like you’ve heard it all before – classic folk songs and anthems – but trust me, Marisa takes these tunes to places they have never been.  The vibe is heavy on this one.  The guitar playing is beautiful at points and intense at others.  Not for the faint of heart.  Comes with liner notes writen by Marisa herself!

 Lil Bob and the Lollipops – Nobody But You LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

   Great retrospective of Lil Bob and the Lolipop’s discography.  Classic Louisiana swamp soul / R& B, recorded in the early to mid 1960’s.  Includes the popular dance floor fillers  « I Got Loaded » and « Stop » as well as some real beautiful obscurities. Ballads and stompers to make life better.  Old school « tip on » cover.  

AMPS FOR CHRIST – Plains Of Alluvial LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

    Never before reissued debut release by AMPS FOR CHRIST from 1995! Originally came out on cassette on Dennis Callaci’s SHRIMPER label.  Limited to only 600 copies
   The alluvial fans on the south side of the San Gabriel mountains are some of the biggest anywhere. I ended a twelve year relationship and moved into my friend’s house in east Claremont only about 100 yards from the San Antonio River, on the center of that giant alluvial plain. I made instruments in a falling down garage and in the front of the house built a studio. It was the end of me in MAN IS THE BASTARD and the birth of me returning to folk, but bringing hardcore and noise back with me. I started calling it Folk-core meaning folk and hardcore mixed together and Musnic meaning musical noise. I had at that studio a Hammond S-6 chord organ, pure tube electronics. with no mechanical tone wheel to derive the sounds. I circuit bent it to produce the sounds of bodrahns and bagpipes sounds I have always loved. It has 60-80 vacuum tubes in it! A small little organ designed by John Hannert for Hammond; and one was used on Magical Mystery Tour. I had been writing AMPS FOR CHRIST on all the amps and oscillators I made, so it ended up being my new name. The Plains of Alluvial felt meant to be, everything, the name, the recordings just seemed to fall in place. -Henry Barnes

O.K. JAZZ – The Loningisa Years 1956-1961 – 2xLP – 23 euros (EXTRAIT)

With this new compilation Planet Ilunga goes back to the very early days of O.K. Jazz, founded in 1956 in Léopoldville and disbanded in 1993. During the late fifties O.K. Jazz was the home of outstanding musicians such as Franco, Vicky, De La Lune, Edo Nganga, Dessoin, Kouka Celestin, Isaac, Brazzos, Mujos and many others. Together they created an unique and hair-raising take on rumba, cha-cha-cha, calypso, merengue and the band’s favourite rhythm: the bolero

From June 1956 to August 1961 the band recorded 320 tracks for the 78 rpm music label Loningisa. Despite earlier efforts from labels such as Crammed Disc, RetroAfric and African (thank you!), there is still a large part of the Loningisa back catalogue that remains hidden from the public. That’s why Planet Ilunga associated with Yves Luambo Emongo (son of Franco) and Julien Rocky Longomba (son of Vicky) and compiled 32 O.K. Jazz songs that were recorded between 1956 and 1961.

All songs on this compilation were originally released on 78 rpm records on the Loningisa label and most of the selected tracks were never reproduced after their original release. I tried to construct a tracklist consisting of different composers and different genres to show the diversity of this great band. Planet Ilunga collaborated for this release with a few 78 rpm collectors. I would once again like to thank them for sharing their rare records.

* 2LP vinyl: 32 tracks (total running time: 93:25)
* Comes with a 40-page booklet (in English) with lyrics in Lingala, lots of pictures and a closer look to this terrific band
* Full artwork gatefold album cover by Miadana Aurélia
* 180 gram vinyl
* Restored and remastered tracks
* Limited and numbered to 500 copies







Poison Girls-Hex 12″ 45RPM EP – Water Wing13 euros(STREAM)

The Poison Girls were a force of nature. Spat out of the belly of the UK punk scene, the Poison Girls  paired up with a band down the street called Crass. The two bands played 100 shows together in the span of three years.They bonded on a conceptual and artistic way to approach punk. The Poison Girls were fronted by Vi Subversa, who was a child in the East end of London during the 2nd World War, an evacuee during the Blitz, became part of the Soho anarchist scene of the 50s, took part in the original CND march to Aldermaston, then a counter culture drop out of the 60s, finally founding herself in the mid 70s, aged 40, with two children, living in Brighton. Vi, along with Richard Famous, Lance D’Boyle and Bernhardt Rebours released HEX in 1979  on the bands own Xntrix label. It was a  12” 45rpm mini album and was released with the help of Small Wonder (Bauhaus, The Cure, Crass), a local independent record label. HEX was later reissued by Crass Records in 1981.The record was recorded at Southern Studios, produced by Penny Rimbaud, and engineered by John Loder, HEX is an extraordinary punk record which featured the group’s lineup that was to last for the following 2 years. Cameo appearances included Vi Subversa’s offspring Pete Fender and Gem Stone of Fatal Microbes and Eve Libertine of Crass. The album lays out the band’s concerns, in Vi’s searing lyrics, against a backdrop of deep, beautiful and sometimes scary music. Vi channels the anger and frustrations of any single mother living in what was (and still is) a mans’ world. From the opening salvo “If I had my time again, I’d like to come back as a man!” to the final “Reality Attack Reality Attack Reality” the record bristles with a fiery passion and intensity. The lyrics explore the expectations of normality, political correctness, pressures of conformity, pain and mental illness and the horrors of war. The music is diamond hard but with a tender edge, and the whole soundscape is overlaid with ‘found’ recordings of everyday life. Reissued for the first time in over 30 years with a sturdy tip-on gatefold cover.

Unknown Passage – The Dead Moon Story DVD – 13 euros

   A feature length documentary by Kate Fix and Jason Summers highlighting the wild career of Dead Moon!  The opposite of Spinal Tape – this is the realest rock n roll story you’ll ever hear and see.  Comes with tons of bonus footage extras! Celebrate the whole career of Dead Moon – from the early 60’s all the way up to the early 2,000’s.

  Sister Irene O’Connor – Fire of God’s Love LP – 17 euros (STREAM)

    Wyrd War has reignited Sister Irene O’Connor’s mystical hymns of devotion and delivered them from the outposts of obscurity to be enjoyed once again on vinyl! Recorded by nuns Sister O’Connor and Sister Marimil Lobregat on electric organ, piano, guitar and heavy doses of reverb in 1973 at the Catholic Radio and Television Centre in Sydney, Australia, Fire of God’s Love is a haunting musical communion teetering somewhere between Hildegard von Bingen and The Space Lady…on the hills of Meggido! Fans of Wyrd War’s previous releases Music From Enchanted Forest and Wizards soundtrack will delight in these twelve sparse and perplexing songs of beatific whimsy and apocalyptic esoterica. Out of print since the 1976 U.S. repress, this extremely limited edition lovingly replicates the original Australian pressing album design and has been masterfully restored by Timothy Stollenwerk. This release is a benefit for Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the only Oregon non-profit entirely devoted to the preservation of one of the Pacific Northwest’s most cherished wilderness areas, to support the reforestation and continued protection of Eagle Creek in the aftermath of the September 2, 2017 fire that burned for three months before it was declared contained and extinguished. “Keep this little thought in mind my friend, existence in this world is not our end…”


First ever repress of the most mystical collection of rare and moody, early 1960’s guitar instrumentals from around the world! Features 16 tracks of pure instrumental delight and strangeness from TAKESHI TERAUCHI & HIS BLUE JEANS (Japan), LOS RELAMPAGOS (Spain), LES GUITARES (France), THE TRONICS (USA), LES FRANGINS (Belgium), THE JOKERS (Belgium), ELECTRIC JOHNNY & HIS SKYROCKETS (Holland), and TIMEBREAKERS (Holland & Java).


Range Rats – S/T LP – 13 euros (STREAM)

      Fred and Toody Cole’s (from Dead Moon, the Rats etc) country band recordings from 1987!  Great raw and rugged rocking’ country tunes recording during the break between the Rats and Dead Moon. Most songs with full band accompaniment, but two songs at the end with guitar, bass and an off kilter drum machine named « Rolly ».  Great lost recordings not to be missed.
Shelley Short – Pacific City LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

New LP from one of Portland’s favorite singer songwriters.  Very spare arrangements and very pretty songs.  Shelly has been on the scene for a long whiles and we dare say this is her finest record to date.  Limited edition of 500 copies.  Co-release with Flippin’ Yeah Records in Australia.

 Peter BuckWarzone Earth LP – 10 euros (STREAM)

     New LP from Peter Buck! Steeped deep in the roots of Garage rock, Peter‘s third solo record rolls out strong. Some dark and personal lyrics and some heavy vibes preside….but overall – it’s rock and roll.  Features musicians from all kinds of beloved bands and lineages.  (Scott McCaughey, Bill Rieflin, Kurt Bloch, Chris Slusarenko, Krist Novoselic, Jeff Tweedy, Annalisa Tornfelt, Chloe Johnson, Kristin Tornfelt…..yep).

      Record comes in two different cover editions – both designed by none other than Mingering Mike – maybe the greatest album cover designer of all time!  (the majority of his artwork was recently bought in whole by the Smithsonian).  Comes with liner note insert.  


Peter BuckI Am Back To Blow Your Mind Once Again LP – 10 euros (STREAM)

Peter Buck of REM, Baseball Project, Minus Five, and a million other projects fame is back with a new set of rock and roll.  All done the old fashioned way – direct tape cut to lathe cut to vinyl. This time around we have everything from garage rock to psychedelic soundscapes to pretty ballads. All new tunes that will treat you right.

 Ashley, Clarence – Live and in Person LP – 15 euros
   Clarence Ashley: Live and In Person is the first all-new album in over 50 years by the legendary singer and banjo player who helped introduce old time country music to audiences throughout the nation.  Clarence Ashley (1895-1967) recorded for Columbia Records in 1929, was featured on Harry Smith’s “Anthology of American Folk Music” in 1952, and toured the US in the 1960s.     Jalopy’s vinyl-only release was produced in 2016 by Peter K. Siegel, from tapes he personally recorded in 1963 at the Greenwich Village folk club Gerdes Folk City. All 14 tracks are being released for the first time on March 1, 2017.  John Cohen, founding member of The New Lost City Ramblers, wrote the liner notes and provided never-before-seen photographs of Ashley in Greenwich Village. A 16-page illustrated booklet includes additional notes by Peter K. Siegel and Eli Smith.     Live and In Person is Clarence Ashley’s first and only live album. He is accompanied on the album by guitarist Tex Isley, a member of Charlie Monroe’s Kentucky Partners. 

flame100Bobby BeauSoleil – Lucifer Rising LP – 15 euros (STREAM)

   Forty years or so ago Bobby BeauSoleil conceived of the music for Lucifer Rising as a single continuous piece of music, a 45-minute rock symphony. Despite the rigors and challenges imposed by his imprisonment he delivered his psychedelic opus, fully realized, and presented it as a complete work on LP in 1979.  This commemorative reissue on the Ajna label on is faithful to the artist’s original conception, restored to a seamless whole by returning to the nascent mix tape and giving it a fresh mastering for the ultimate in audio fidelity.


Rev. Lonnie Farris: A Night at the House of Prayer’ LP – 16 euros (STREAM)
    All music culled from small artist-run label 45s issued in the 1960s.
Absolutely sublime gospel, from stomp to ethereal jams and back again,
and all starring Farris’ killer slide guitar. Hand stamped covers,
each unique, edition of 450.

hemphillJessie Mae Hemphill – S/T LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

     Compilation of great recordings by Jesse Mae Hemphill. Mississippi Hill Country blues at there finest.  Jessie Mae rocks out on the electric guitar with minimal percussion.  By far some of the best blues recorded in the 80’s.  Jessie Mae is the granddaughter of the great Sid Hemphill and the torch bearer of one of the most beautiful traditions in the world of music. Co-release with Moi J’Connias. (This LP was previously released by them with a different cover)

FERDINAND RICHARD – En forme ! – LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

Hilarant et incroyable projet du chanteur d’Etron Fou Leloublan !


THEME & Jean Hervé Pérou & Zsolt Sorés – Poison Is (Not) The Word – LP – 12 euros (STREAM)



Malvina Reynolds – S/T LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

    A timely record, if there ever was one.  Malvina Reynolds started writing songs in her late forties and her first LP came out in 1962. A labor organizer and activist in a lot of other movements, Malvina wrote many beautiful songs and was greatly admired by Bob Dylan.  She is best known for her tune « Little boxes » and for appearing on Sesame Street frequently as the character « Kate ».  Here we have 12 unreleased gems by Malvina – demo’s she made in the mid 1970’s that have never seen the light of day!  And – the good news is – they’re great!  Songs about the woman’s, gay, race and labor struggles and a couple love songs too.  Just Malvina and guitar (and one song with her daughter Nancy and piano).  Limited edition of 500 copies.  A co-release with our friends at Singasongfighter.  

V/A – See My Friends Comp. – Secret City Volume 1 LP – 12 euros

   In an effort to support some local bands who loom large in the Portland musical waters, Mississippi is offering some local modern weirdness for distribution for a limited time.
    Pop document of 4 PDX bands. Independently and collaboratively written, recorded, and assembled in rapidly gentrifying inner SE PDX, wherein despite old-guard punditry and escalating defections to New York and Los Angeles music continues to not be extinct, flourishing here and elsewhere as of press time February 2016. Featuring two tracks each from MOPE GROOVES, HONEY BUCKET, SUPER HIT, and LAMEBRAIN.

poisongirlsPoison Girls -« Where’s the Pleasure » LP  – 14 euros (STREAM)

First released in September 1982 on their own Xntrix Records label, ‘Where’s The Pleasure’ was described by Johnny Waller in the magazine Sounds as « The last great punk record ». The record came out of a period of change for Poison Girls. A new house, a new bass player, a completely new set, and, with it, a determination to challenge the expectations of their audience. What resulted is an outstanding collection of songs. Vi Subversa’s lyrics seamlessly make the personal political, and the political relevant to everyday life. The music bristles with inventiveness. What we hear is a band at the top of their game, exploring different styles and enjoying themselves in the process. It is Poison Girls flexing their musical muscles, rediscovering their roots, and connecting with the true spirit of punk, which is of course, unbridled, messy and adventurous creativity. ‘Where’s The Pleasure’ is a truly wonderful achievement by a truly unique band.  LIMITED TO 1000 COPIES

billy   Billy Childish – The 1982 Cassettes LP – 14 euros (EXTRAIT)
Charging up the hill towards our summit endpoint, we’d like to conclude this Medway reverie with
BILLY CHILDISH’s first solo album, recorded in 1982 but issued in 1988 by Hangman. Raw, uncompromising,
and putative, lonesome and hypnotic and savage. This and the Jack Ketch LP are two that we know Medway
enthusiasts will be happy to see included here. Remastered from the original tapes and pressed in a one-time
edition of 500 copies.


crystalMyslajekCrystal Myslajek -« Circadia » LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

       Captured in the depth of a Minnesota winter in a room equipped with two grand pianos, Crystal Myslajek produced the six track opus that is Circadia. Circadia is a contemplative, intuitive and luminous album of slowly unfurling arrangements for piano, voice, bass, drums and modular synthesizer. Myslajek (formerly of ethereal art-rock trio BRUTE HEART) is a Minneapolis-based performer and composer. Her compositions blend haunting vocals with minimalist classical piano, punctuated by bowed and plucked double bass, and sparse percussion. The sweeps and tones of a modular synthesizer articulates the colors already present in this modern achievement of musical production. Featuring Liz Draper (double bass), Chris Hepola (percussion and piano), and John Marks (modular synthesizer).

moctarAkounak Tedalat Taha Tazoughai – DVD – 15 euros (TRAILER)
The first ever Tuareg language fictional film, based on the legendary rock-u-drama “Purple Rain,” Akounak explores the world of a musician trying to succeed in the raucous subculture of the Niger guitar scene. The protagonist, real life musician Mdou Moctar, must battle fierce competition from jealous musicians, overcome family conflicts, endure the trials of love, and overcome his biggest rival – himself. Carried by stunning musical performances from Mdou, the film is a window into modern day Tuareg guitar and an experiment in participatory ethnographic filmmaking. In Tamashek with English and French subtitles; 75 minutes, all region DVD, NTSC format. Limited edition of 1000 copies.


V/A-Fanafody LP – 10 euros

The second volume of recordings in our series of Madagascar music. From the archives of Montreal recordist, Charlie Brooks. While containing some similar artists as volume one, Fanafody focuses more on his second trip through the island during 2002 featuring violin players and throat breathing singers. Includes extensive photography and liner notes booklet.

NEO BOYS – Sooner or Later – 2xLP (coprod Mississippi & K Records) – 16 euros (stream)



UralThomasAndThePain URAL THOMAS AND THE PAIN – 2xLP – 22 euros (STREAM)

At last!  A new LP by Portland’s own Ural Thomas and the Pain!  Ural has been working hard since the late 1950’s making soul music. This LP is a showcase for his new band, the Pain, as well as an overview of his storied career.  Record A features Ural and the Pain ripping through some of their best material.  A full tight soul band, in the tradition, backing up a truly great soul singer with his powers still intact. Record B features a career overview of Ural‘s work – from the early 1960’s through to 1970.  Rocking R & B, soulful ballads, and an « experimental » track.
   Also included is a booklet with archival photos and a long interview with Ural where in he touches on his times opening for Otis Redding and James Brown, working in the Portland community, building a house out of things he dragged out of the Willamette River and much more.
   Very limited edition of this LP. 950 available worldwide. Gatefold old school « tip on » cover with a booklet.  One of Portland’s most beloved live bands LP premiere.  Don’t sleep on it!


MRP-062 DeZurik Sisters

MRP – 062 DeZurik Sisters – Sing and Yodel Their Greatest Hits LP – 13 euros (STREAM)

The Dezurik Sisters (Also known as the Cackle Sisters) were Carolyn and Mary Jane Dezurik – two absolutely amazing sisters with soaring voices that must be heard to be believed.  Here we have the first ever LP of tracks by these two incredible entertainers. The ladies sing, yodel and cackle some of the most impressively acrobatic vocal performances you will likely ever hear in your life.  Beautiful and novel country tunes to warm your heart and make you feel alright.  This LP contains the only 3 78’s released by the Dezurik‘s as well as selections from their radio broadcasts as the Cackle Sisters.  A great unsung but important chapter in the history of country music. Old school « tip on » cover and liner notes with archival photos and interviews.


lithicsLithics – Borrowed Floors LP – 14 euros (STREAM)

   Lithics is a four person minimalist punk band from Portland, Oregon formed in late 2014. Over the last year and a half they have refined a sound focusing on interlocked bass and drum rhythms paired with shrill guitar counterpoint and stark female vocals. While counting Wire, The Fall, Devo, Pylon, The Shadow Ring, and Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band as reference points, the band’s concerns are contemporary and urgent. An injection of uptight, nervous energy into the reverb drenched complacency of today’s musical underground.  « …basically the stuff of my post-punk dreams, with needles-and-pins guitar lines jabbing and competing for space with minimalist, meditative bass/drums synchronization and coolly detached female vocals that drift somewhere between the twin inspirations of Allison Statton of Young Marble Giants, and Vanessa Briscoe of Pylon. » – Erika Elizabeth, Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll #392.

MRP-050 S.E.ROGIE – The Sounds Of S.E. Rogie LP – 12 euros (audio)
At last!  A reissue full LP of the legendary Palm wine guitarist SE Rogie’s early work.   Truly beautiful songs from the 1960’s ranging from sweet acoustic solo numbers to blazing full band electric music.  SE Rogie had a very long & pioneering career in Sierra Leone. His songs are some of the most beautiful ever – gentle & lilting timeless melodies.  One of the greats.  A co-release with our friends at the Domino Sound label.


jessefullerJESSE FULLER – Working on the Railroad – 10 » – 12 euros (STREAM)



The Fire Dept – L’Oeuf D’or LP – 14 euros (EXTRAIT)
Fire Dept (out of Cambridge) burn it down on both sides of this (their debut) album, lost in time and packed with ace songwriting, molten guitar playing, and covers of bands that are still unknown to squares in this so-called sophisticated age which we now find ourselves. Recorded at Toerag, produced by Billy Childish (who also did the sleeve art), and issued on his Hangman’s Daughter label in 1995. All hail Fire Dept.  Reissued in close collaboration with Billy Childish, Neil Palmer and Damaged Goods Records. Limited edition of 500 copies.



V/A – The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World Of Joe Meek LP – 12 euros (STREAM)
      A trip through the productions of pioneering genius Joe Meek.  Here we have a mix of hits that have appeared on comps before and real out there obscurities.  Designed to be highly listenable.  Never a dull moment amongst these songs that cover subjects close to Joes’ heart such as Vampires, Love (and the lack of it), Death, Outer space, the Human soul, Buddy Holly, and more.  Artists featured are The Blue Rondos, The Blue Men, Jason Eddie and the Centremen, The Sound Offs, The Moontrekkers, Johnny Leyton, The Cryin’ Shames, Mike Berry, The Outlaws, Chick Lewis, Glenda Collins and even Joe himself warbling out a tune.



KING AYISOBA – Modern Ghanaians – LP – 12 euros (EXTRAIT)


ghetto realityNANCY DUPREE – Ghetto Reality – LP – 13 euros (STREAM)


MRP-069 Blind Uncle Gaspard




MRP – 069 Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney – On The Waters Edge LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

12 great songs recorded by two of Cajun musics finest and most unusual artists – Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney.  All songs originally released on 78 in the late 1920’s.  Fragile and dignified performances with French vocals accompanied by guitar or fiddle or sometimes both.  Impeccable ballads and breakdowns.  Old school  ‘tip on » cover.


V/A – I’m In A Strange Town – LP – 12 euros
    Compilation of top notch Gospel and blues recorded between 1927 and 1967.  A mix of very well known artists such as Blind Lemon Jefferson, Gary Davis and Robert Wilkins and more obscure folks like John Lee and Charles White.  A record filled with some of Mississippi Records favorite recordings – ripping guitar work outs, soulful ballads, loping drunken jug bands and more.  All songs are on the theme of travel, death and transcendence.  Got an existential crisis?  This may be the record for you.

Isaiah Owens – You Without Sin Cast The First Stone – LP – 13 euros
    A truly unique Gospel stylist – Isaiah Owens plays guitar and sings in his own very distinctive and otherworldly way.  Isaiah plays loud and with quite a bit of dissonance, his voice floating above beautifully.  This LP features some of his finest performances – captured from his radio broadcasts in Montgomery Alabama and from studio recordings.  We are very proud to present this material.  Liner notes by Kevin Knutt (of the greatest radio show of all time – Sinners Crossroads, as well as the Case Quarter label)



widow's joySA-01 V/A – The Widow‘s Joy  LP – 11 euros

    Sound American and Canary Records collaborate for « The Widow‘s Joy: Eastern European Immigrant Dances in America 1925-1930″, the first release of Sound American Records. Canary Records curator Ian Nagoski has crafted the ultimate Lemko party record as a labor of love for the forgotten music of the Austro-Hungarian diaspora in the midwest region of the United States. « The Widow‘s Joy » with a cover by Mississippi Records’ Eric Isaacson features the music that helped immigrant coal workers and laborers from the Austro-Hungarian region of Europe and moved to Illinois, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to work, live, and dance. Built on the backs of these workers, America has forgotten a large part of their musical culture, which has been overshadowed by more indigenous musical forms like blues, jazz, gospel, and folk musics from Appalachia. In a bid not to supplant these rich musics, but to add more to the story, Nagoski has tirelessly scoured huge collections of seemingly lost and forgotten 78 rpm records to rediscover and bring to light lost cultural gems like those found on « The Widow‘s Joy » and his recent smashing success, « To What Strange Place: The Music of the Ottoman-American Diaspora 1916-1929 »


CHAPPAQUIDDICK BRIDGE, the bands first full length, was originally released on Crass Records in 1980 and featured the same lineup as HEX. And like Hex, it shared the producer/engineer team of Penny Rimbaud and John Loder. This record sees Poison Girls at their most experimental stage. The songs dig deeper into the connections between the personal and political. Starting with an uncredited version of ‘State Control’ (one of the bands punkiest crowd pleasers) done in an ‘unplugged’ style, and ending with the similarly stripped down ‘Tender Lover’, this album broke all the rules of what a ’punk’ album should sound like. The songs are long. There are extended sonic workouts and codas, using synths, abused studio effects, electric violin, acoustic piano as well as ‘random’ electric guitar sounds and vocals. The mix has thundering drums up front that power the songs, and help create a barrage of rich sound.The lyrics speak of love, power, sexual politics, war and peace and most things in between. This is Vi at her most poetic, but with a razor sharp insight, and not holding back on using it. A truly original album. If it was removed, lost or destroyed, your original copy of Chappaquiddick Bridge came with a one-sided flexi disc containing the anthem « Statement ». This 2014 reissue also includes « Statement » as a proper one-sided 7″ vinyl. Sturdy tip-on gatefold cover.



SHADY AND THE VAMP – As we told you earlier – 10 » – 12 euros (STREAM)



ONE OF YOU – LP – 12 euros

A fascinating and unique collection of music by a Czech immigrant to Canada who wishes to remain anonymous. Side A contains tracks from 3 singles originally released on her own Scarab label in the early ‘80s, two under the name One of You and one credited to The Triffids. The One of You tracks are mournful and quietly intense, really something special. Mostly just organ and voice, they resemble a mix of outsider minimal Goth and a Czech-accented Nico, maybe. The instrumental Triffids tracks are slightly less spare, adding a touch of synth and percussion to the mix, and ending up a bit like low-key basement prog. Side B consists of Czech-language guitar-based demos recorded in the late ‘70s, and shows a bit more of an Eastern European folk-music influence, with occasional subtle folk-psych tinges and some spooky reverb. Amazing stuff. – Tony Coulter (WFMU) Comes with insert with lyric translations. Limited edition of 500




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