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CHAPPAQUIDDICK BRIDGE, the bands first full length, was originally released on Crass Records in 1980 and featured the same lineup as HEX. And like Hex, it shared the producer/engineer team of Penny Rimbaud and John Loder. This record sees Poison Girls at their most experimental stage. The songs dig deeper into the connections between the personal and political. Starting with an uncredited version of ‘State Control’ (one of the bands punkiest crowd pleasers) done in an ‘unplugged’ style, and ending with the similarly stripped down ‘Tender Lover’, this album broke all the rules of what a ’punk’ album should sound like. The songs are long. There are extended sonic workouts and codas, using synths, abused studio effects, electric violin, acoustic piano as well as ‘random’ electric guitar sounds and vocals. The mix has thundering drums up front that power the songs, and help create a barrage of rich sound.The lyrics speak of love, power, sexual politics, war and peace and most things in between. This is Vi at her most poetic, but with a razor sharp insight, and not holding back on using it. A truly original album. If it was removed, lost or destroyed, your original copy of Chappaquiddick Bridge came with a one-sided flexi disc containing the anthem "Statement". This 2014 reissue also includes "Statement" as a proper one-sided 7" vinyl. Sturdy tip-on gatefold cover.











PI 01: Grand Kalle & l’African Jazz – Souvenirs from the Congo 2LP + 24-page booklet (numbered to 500 copies) – 23 euros (STREAM)









PI 02: Rock-a-Mambo & l’African Jazz – Souvenirs from Esengo 2LP + 28-page booklet (numbered to 500 copies) – 23 euros (STREAM)







400 THE CAT – Stf Helix Nebula – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)







BERNAYS PROPAGANDA / MODERN LOVE – Until all are free – 7'' – 4 euros (STREAM)









WARSAWWASRAW – Sensitizer – LP – 10 euros (STREAM)







WHORESNATION – Scum Will Reign – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)







SHEIK ANORAK – Keep your hands low – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)






nous avons aussi en restock de chez Mississippi et consorts :
The Rats – S/T LP
The Rats – Intermittent Signals LP
Delia Derbyshire/ Barry Bermange – Inventions for Radio: The Dreams
Eddie Lee Jones & Family – Yonder Go That Old Black Dog LP
V/A – Naughty Girl : To What a Strange Place Volumes 1, 2 et 3 LP
V/A – Which Way Does The Blood Red River Run? LP 
S.E.Rogie – The Sounds Of S.E. Rogie LP
Cast King – Saw Mill Man LP 
Neo Boys – Sooner or Later 2xLP 
Dead Moon – Cracks In The System LP
Dead Moon-Trash And Burn LP
Rita Abatzi – I'm Burning, I'm Burning
DeZurik Sisters – Sing and Yodel Their Greatest Hits LP 
Lori Goldston – Creekside: Cello Solo LP
V/A – My Intention is War LP
V/A – Last Kind Words LP
V/A – I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore LP 
V/A – Fanafody LP 
V/A – The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World Of Joe Meek LP 
V/A-The Secret Museum Of Mankind Vol. III 2LP
V/A-The Secret Museum of Mankind: Central Asia 2LP


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GUILI GUILI GOULAG – IBEXIB – LP (maxi 45t) – TOFU 80 – 8 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (82)

Coproduction avec Temple Vengence, Rockerill Recrods, Cheap Stanism Recrods, Attila Tralala.

Guili Guili Goulag is a weird XP rock band influenced by African music, kraut Rock, doom, punk … and a lot of other things. It consists in a harp, a bass, a drummer and a singer. The musicians were or are involved in various underground projects such as Duflan Duflan, Spoilature, Arts et Techniques …


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ULTRADEMON – LP – TOFU 79 – 8 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (92)

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Trio de Toulouse, difficile de les mettre dans une case. Après une série de différents CDr, voici un vrai premier et très très bon disque du groupe.

Coproduction avec Tomaturj, Nyctalope, Attila Tralala, Arrache-toi un oeil, Les Potagers Natures, Good Grief, No Way, Paillettes.


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FUTUR.s MORT.s – LP – TOFU 78 – 7 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (71)


ça est un duo avec Estelle et Miquel de Ultra Demon et Seasick6.

Version vinyle de la cassette sortie il y a quelques temps maintenant.

Coproduction avec Aredje et Nyctalope

GUILH’EM ALL – Dilemn Volt

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GUILH'EM ALL – Dilemn Volt – LP – TOFU 77 – 8 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (47)


Projet solo de l'Aveyron qu'il ne serait pas exagéré de qualifier de Dada.

Superbe pochette par Romain Scrap

Coproduction avec Tomaturj, La République des Granges, Thierry de R.E.S.T, Peace N' Noise, Animal Biscuit, Alternative Rouergate, L'Austral


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plusquedesmots_11PLUS QUE DES MOTS #11 – Zine – 7 euros

Je pique la présentation faite par la Distroy : "Après un numéro 10 absolumment génial, voici que le numéro 11 pointe son nez. Autant vous le dire, le format tient plus du livre que du fanzine, l'objet fait 144 pages (1cm d'épaisseur), il est fort bien mis en page, et la qualité d'impression est au rendez-vous (autrement dit les photos ne sont pas massacrées par du tirage photocop à l'arrache).
Quant au contenu, c'est du haut de gamme, très plaisant à lire, très instructif et foutrement original (matez le sommaire vous comprendrez). L'interview de Submission hold est certes fleuve, mais elle est surtout passionnante.

Je tiens juste à rajouter que plutôt qu'acheter des magazines à la con qui ne feront que vous vider le cerveau, bourrés de pubs et copinages éhontés, vous feriez mieux de choper ce zine.


144 p. – 14 x 21 cm – impression offset – couverture sérigraphiée 3 couleurs avec rabats.

Sommaire :
Les cholos – un reportage photographique de Juan Guzmán Cuevas sur ce gang dans les prisons mexicaines
Le voleur – un entretien avec Myriam Congoste, anthropologue, à propos de Youchka, voleur à temps plein
Les petites mains des musées – un documentaire photographique de Pablo Chignard sur des gardiennes de musée en Moldavie
Submission Hold – un entretien fleuve avec ce groupe de free-punk canadien ayant marqué les années 2000
La bombe et le pilote – un entretien avec le pilote de l'Enola Gay, l'avion responsable du largage de la bombe sur Hiroshima
thedaybefore – une nouvelle de Nicolas Rouillé illustrée par Ivan Brun
Chroniques – livres, zines, disques


Des nouveautés Mississippi Records, Water Wing, Little Axe, Psychic Sounds, Social Music :










Delia Derbyshire/ Barry Bermange – Inventions for Radio: The Dreams LP – Psychic Sounds – 12 euros (STREAM)

"Dreams" was made in collaboration with Barry Bermange (who originally recorded the narrations). Bermange put together The Dreams (1964), a collage of people describing their dreams, set to a background of electronic sound. Dreams is a collection of spliced/reassembled interviews with people describing their dreams, particularly recurring elements. The program of sounds and voices attempts to represent, in five movements, some sensations of dreaming: running away, falling, landscape, underwater, and colour.  Delia's editing and repetition, together with her dissonant, often terrifying musique concrete soundbeds, make this distinctly uneasy bedtime listening."











Poison Girls-Hex 12" 45RPM EP – Water Wing12 euros (STREAM)

The Poison Girls were a force of nature. Spat out of the belly of the UK punk scene, the Poison Girls  paired up with a band down the street called Crass. The two bands played 100 shows together in the span of three years.They bonded on a conceptual and artistic way to approach punk. The Poison Girls were fronted by Vi Subversa, who was a child in the East end of London during the 2nd World War, an evacuee during the Blitz, became part of the Soho anarchist scene of the 50s, took part in the original CND march to Aldermaston, then a counter culture drop out of the 60s, finally founding herself in the mid 70s, aged 40, with two children, living in Brighton. Vi, along with Richard Famous, Lance D'Boyle and Bernhardt Rebours released HEX in 1979  on the bands own Xntrix label. It was a  12” 45rpm mini album and was released with the help of Small Wonder (Bauhaus, The Cure, Crass), a local independent record label. HEX was later reissued by Crass Records in 1981.The record was recorded at Southern Studios, produced by Penny Rimbaud, and engineered by John Loder, HEX is an extraordinary punk record which featured the group's lineup that was to last for the following 2 years. Cameo appearances included Vi Subversa's offspring Pete Fender and Gem Stone of Fatal Microbes and Eve Libertine of Crass. The album lays out the band's concerns, in Vi's searing lyrics, against a backdrop of deep, beautiful and sometimes scary music. Vi channels the anger and frustrations of any single mother living in what was (and still is) a mans’ world. From the opening salvo “If I had my time again, I’d like to come back as a man!” to the final “Reality Attack Reality Attack Reality” the record bristles with a fiery passion and intensity. The lyrics explore the expectations of normality, political correctness, pressures of conformity, pain and mental illness and the horrors of war. The music is diamond hard but with a tender edge, and the whole soundscape is overlaid with ‘found’ recordings of everyday life. Reissued for the first time in over 30 years with a sturdy tip-on gatefold cover.











The Rats – Intermittent Signals – Mississippi / Little Axe – 12 euros (STREAM)
Second LP, recorded in 1980, buy Portland punk legends – The Rats.  Fred and Toody Cole of Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, The Range Rats, The Weeds. The Lollipop Shoppe and a million other bands are joined on this one by Sam Henry of the Wipers, Napalm Beach and a million other bands.  A very eclectic LP with elements of Punk, new wave, art rock, psychedelia and early Rock and roll.  Great nuts and bolts song writing.  A true punk rock classic.  











The Rats – S/T LPMississippi / Little Axe – 12 euros (STREAM)

First LP, recorded in 1979 by Portland punk legends – the Rats.  Fred and Toody Cole of Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, The Range Rats, The Weeds, The Lollipop Shop and a million other bands along with Rod Rat present a punk rock masterpiece.  Stripped down and lo fi. The record has a slight psychedelic edge and some definite roots in early rock and roll.  The record that started to define the aesthetic that would later inform what Fred and Toody accomplished with Dead Moon.  Nuts and bolts great songwriting on songs such as Teenagers, World war 3, Social Indigestion and more.  


Su Wai










Su WaiGita Pon Yeik LPLittle Axe Records – 12 euros (STREAM)

Su Wai is a modern virtuoso of the ancient Saung Gauk, a Burmese harp instrument of both royal and religious significance (fashioned to resemble a leaf of the bo tree which the Buddha attained enlightenment beneath) with roots as far back as the 6th century. In this collection of 8 traditional poem-songs, Wai unfurls clusters of melodic lines alongside a cyclical bell chime-pulse to accompany texts drawn from the Mahagita, a collection of 500 court songs not unlike the British Isle's Child Ballads. Recorded in masterful fidelity by Burmese ethnomusicologist Rick Heizman (White Elephants and Golden DucksGreen Tea Leaf Salad) and presented here for the first time on vinyl, Gita Pon Yeik offers a small window into a tragically under-documented royal tradition that sits comfortably next to both ethnomusicological documents and abstract avant-garde folk forms.












V/A WHERE THE SOUL OF MAN NEVER DIES: A Treasury of Caucasian-American Gospel – Social Music – 10 euros

Old-timey sacred songs, gorgeous gospel bluegrass & red-hot pentecostal pandemonium!





Trois disques de chez Emergence Records :























HÄSHCUT – Please Do it Youself – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)











I AM A CURSE – Sequel for an Unforgiving Wreckage : Civil Wars – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)



Deux disques de chez Music Fear Satan :










HEXIS – Abalam – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)











MORT MORT MORT – le chant des sirènes – 7'' – 4 euros (STREAM)












Avec interviews filmées d'Abject/Object et de Lobster Killed Me et des lives de Krigskade, 1981, Amer, Unlogistic, Ghost Trap, The Dauntless Elite, Gasmask Terrör, Absurdo, Aaron Cometbus.




SUICIDE BORD DE MER #1 – Zine – 3 euros

Jeune fanzine parisien.

Interview de Kalicia Katakov, Syndrome 81, Taulard, Varlin. Articles sur le Giallo et le groupe Pizza OD. Chroniques de disques, zines, reports. Et un papier sur le livre Roms et Riverains – Une politique municiaple de la race de Eric Fassin, Carine Fouteau, Serge Guichard et Aurélie Windels (chez la Fabrique) que je vais aller me procurer.


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DONKIRI – 7'' – TOFU 76 – 5 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (450)


Pochette par Craoman


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           MR-006 Washington Phillips









MR – 006 Washington Phillips – What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? LP – 11 euros

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Compilation of 78's by Washington Phillips, in print again for the first time in over 7 years! Washington Phillips is one of the most unique gospel artists of all time. He played an instrument that was either the dolciola (a now extinct chimey sounding piano) or something entirely home made. No one knows for sure. Phillips sings with a beautiful voice and his instrument provides a celestial and otherworldly background.  His songs are like lullabies straight from the spirit world to you. No one sounds like Washington Phillips and no house should be without a copy of this early Mississippi release.


MR-005 Last Kind Words










MR – 005 V/A – Last Kind Words LP – 11 euros

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The first Mississippi compilation, in print again for the first time in over 7 years!  Here we have some of the absolute best performances of country blues and ballads ever put out. Early 78's that speak of the universal human condition in a profound way.  Artists include Geechy Wiley, Blind Wille and Kate McTell, The Blue Sky Boys, Lottie Kimbrough, Robert Petway, Memphis Minnie and much more.  No typical blues riffs or boring standards here – just truly unique artists trancending time, space and culture to bring you a little piece of their souls.  Cover art by Chris Johaanson and Johanna Jackson. 













MR – 014 V/A – I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore LP – 11 euros

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Compilation of early American minority music, in print again for the first time in 7 years!  This record runs the genre gambit between Klezmer, Calypso, Hawaiian, Cajun, Country, Cuban, Greek. Gospel, Tex Mex and more still.  Somehow this all fits together nicely and makes for a highly listenable compilation of early 78's. One of the LPs that cemented the Mississippi aesthetic.  Artists include Wilmouth Houdini, Marika Papagika, Lydia Mendoza, The Two Gospel Keys, Sexteto Bologna, Cleoma Falcon, The Caresser and more.


MRP-080 Seven Skeletons










MRP – 080 V/A – Seven Skeletons Found In The Yard LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

Great compilation of Calypso classics from Trinidad recorded between 1928 and 1947 by well known masters of the form such as the Growler, The Lion, Lord Executor and Lionel Belasco, as well as by some lesser known but great artists.  Heavy topical songs, minor chord meditations on death, beautiful instrumentals and more.  Songs include When You Hear I Die, In The Dew and The Rain, Hojoe, Jimby's Ingratitude, Ba Boo La La and much much more.  All true master pieces.  Old school "tip on" cover



MRP-067 Ghost Woman Blues










MRP – 067 V/A – Ghost Woman Blues LP – 11 euros (STREAM)

Compilation of absolutely must have country blues.  A mix of well known artists playing their signature songs and more obscure musicians.  Highlights include Bukka White's elemental "Fixin' to die", Lottie Kimbroughs' seldom heard "Don't Speak To Me", George Carters' haunting "Ghost Woman Blues", Willie Browns' existential "Future Blues", Monroe Moe Jackson's wild "Go Away From My Door" and many more hits. The real stuff and some of Mississippi Records all time favorite tunes.

MRP-062 DeZurik Sisters 










MRP – 062 DeZurik Sisters – Sing and Yodel Their Greatest Hits LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

The Dezurik Sisters (Also known as the Cackle Sisters) were Carolyn and Mary Jane Dezurik - two absolutely amazing sisters with soaring voices that must be heard to be believed.  Here we have the first ever LP of tracks by these two incredible entertainers. The ladies sing, yodel and cackle some of the most impressively acrobatic vocal performances you will likely ever hear in your life.  Beautiful and novel country tunes to warm your heart and make you feel alright.  This LP contains the only 3 78's released by the Dezurik's as well as selections from their radio broadcasts as the Cackle Sisters.  A great unsung but important chapter in the history of country music. Old school "tip on" cover and liner notes with archival photos and interviews.


MRP-069 Blind Uncle Gaspard










MRP – 069 Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney – On The Waters Edge LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

12 great songs recorded by two of Cajun musics finest and most unusual artists – Blind Uncle Gaspard and Delma Lachney.  All songs originally released on 78 in the late 1920's.  Fragile and dignified performances with French vocals accompanied by guitar or fiddle or sometimes both.  Impeccable ballads and breakdowns.  Old school  'tip on" cover.


MRP-079 My Intention Is War









MRP – 079 V/A – My Intention is War LP – 12 euros (STREAM)

Incredible compilation of Calypso classics from Trinidad recorded between 1928 and 1948 by well known masters of the form such as The Roaring Lion, Attila the Hun, Lionel Belasco and Lord Invader, as well as by some lesser known but great artists.  Minor chord intense meditations on death, beautiful and fragile instrumentals, topical and poetic songs and more.  This is the real stuff.  Songs include The Horrors of War, African War Call, When I Lay Me Body Down In The Grave, Exploiting, Inequality Of Life and Death.   Real masterpieces here.  Not a clunker in the bunch.  Old school "tip on" cover.












LUCRATE MILK – I Love You Fuck Off – LP – 10 euros

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MAXI BINGO PROMO : LP + DVD = 13 euros

Ce LP est originellement paru en 1987, regroupant le EP "Lustiges Tierquartett" (octobre 1981) + le EP "Nepla Relou" (mai 1983 ; 1000 copies) + la face "Lucrate" du split avec MKB et enregistré chez WW (juillet 1983). Epuisé depuis trop longtemps lui aussi. Réédition 2014, 1000 copies, vinyle translucide vert, pochette intérieure avec paroles + livret photo édition limitée à 200 ex.











LUCRATE MILK – Lustiges Tierquartett – 7'' – 5 euros (STREAM)

Originellement enregistré en 1981 et sorti à l’époque chez Zeb Productions. Epuisé depuis trop longtemps. Réédition 2013, en coprod, à 700 copies. Pochette poster à l’identique du premier pressage.












BERURIER NOIR – Concerto pour Détraqués – LP – 12 euros (STREAM)













BERURIER NOIR – Viva Bertaga – 2xLP – 17 euros (STREAM)












BERURIER NOIR – Nada – 12'' – 10 euros (STREAM)

Premier maxi45t de Bérurier Noir. 6 titres punk-psychiatriques, agressifs et froids.










HERSE – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)











PAPAYA – UM/I – LP – 8 euros (STREAM)

Surprenant groupe portugais avec des membres de Adorno. Disque une face avec l'artwork sur l'autre.


yellow king








YELLOW KING – st – LP – 9 euros (STREAM)

Limited to 300 copies.
One-sided laser etched yellow marbled vinyl. 
















LA FÏOLE – Itako vs. Mygale – cassette – prix libre

Clip audio : Le lecteur Adobe Flash (version 9 ou plus) est nécessaire pour la lecture de ce clip audio. Téléchargez la dernière version ici. Vous devez aussi avoir JavaScript activé dans votre navigateur.


Et enfin quatre disques de chez FOLKWELT :










SUPERFEDOR – Continuum Defract-Temps – LP – 10 euros (STREAM)











L'ORCHIDEE D'HAWAÏ – Mondosaurus – LP – 10 euros (STREAM)











DIRECTION SURVET – Kairos 84 – LP – 10 euros (STREAM)











LA SQUADRA ZEUS – Educazione Popular Adesso ! – LP – 10 euros (STREAM)










LOST PAGAN – s/t – LP gatefold – 8 euros (STREAM)

Lost Pagan est un groupe amiénois constitué de membres de Sleeping Village Orchestra, Mayo et Anorak.
Le quatuor joue un hardcore marécageux teinté de noirceur métallique.


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Split GHOST TRAP / BITPART – 10'' – TOFU 75 (marqué TOFU 71 dans l'insert) – 8 euros

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (369)

TAULARD – Les Abords du Lycée – LP

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TAULARD – Les Abords du Lycée – LP – TOFU 74  – 8 euros

Clip audio : Le lecteur Adobe Flash (version 9 ou plus) est nécessaire pour la lecture de ce clip audio. Téléchargez la dernière version ici. Vous devez aussi avoir JavaScript activé dans votre navigateur.

Téléchargement Libre / Free Download (560)

Taulard a commencé après l'achat d'un vieux synthé à 15 euros au marché aux puces.

"La nature se déchaîne" est inspirée de la chanson "Le chant des Oyseaulx" de Clément Janequin.
Chansons enregistrées en juillet 2013 à Thorens-Glières par Nolive, mixées par Nolive, masterisées par Antoine.
pochette par Julien Dupont. juliendupontandrelated.blogspot.fr

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